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Pet Grooming


A thorough examination of your dog’s coat and skin is performed. Checking for any fleas, ticks, or skin problems. This also includes a thorough hands on check for any pre-existing conditions that might not be apparent to the owners. For example, lumps, bumps, ear infections, broken or cracked toenails, and anything that is visible to the naked eye, which the owner should be made aware of. *[1]

We will then check the dog’s coat to see the condition and the amount if any of matted coat. Whether or not your dog requires or you ask for any special shampoos or conditioners, and an estimated time it will take to complete your dog’s grooming for the day.  This will then determine the estimated price we will give you at check in.


We thoroughly  pluck the hair out of the ear canal and clean the ears. Carefully cut toenails, and file them with an electric nail file, to prevent them from not only snagging their owners clothes, but from doing any damage to their skin by scratching themselves with rough edged nails. Next we completely de-mat  your dogs coat in an effort to make the dematting process as comfortable as possible.  This is the time that any “pre-clipping” is done providing your dog requires it for his/her trim. Then off to the tub we go!



Careful thought is put into the decision of which shampoo your dog requires. Shampoo is chosen depending on each individual dog's needs.

All dogs are thoroughly shampooed,  massaged and rinsed very carefully. 

Then your dog is then completely blown dry.  Then brought back to the grooming table to be “finished” groomed

Finish Grooming


This is where much time is spent bringing your pets style closest to the breed standard as possible. Or to the desired look that you choose for your pet.

Finishing touches are put on your pet, (bows, bandanas, cologne)

And your dog is now ready for your arrival to take him/her home!

A La Carte Services

Comb out $10.00 for 15 mins. of brushing time

Nail Trim $8.00

Teeth Brushing $6.00

[1] * Please be aware we are not veterinarians but we will refer you to your veterinarian if we have found anything that you are not aware of.